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About Us

Founded in 2014, Sedrick Lee was inspired to develop Chamuel Men (CM) primarily from a need to take better care of his own skin and of course to combat the subtle signs of aging. Frustrated with most of what the market offered, he intensively studied the market and key ingredients to ultimately design his own formulas with the assistance of expert chemist and technicians. The driving idea was to develop simple, effective environmentally friendly formulas free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, with a masculine appeal and most importantly – delivering the promised results. That’s right, the CM Men’s line delivers, or your money back!

Question: Where does a person focus when meeting someone? The Face! Looking into the face of the person you are engaging is not only the proper thing to do, it’s natural. Whether meeting your boss, an old pal, or the girl you’ve been eying from across the room, every man wants to looks his best. The ‘Manly’ approach to facial care has been to simply shower, shave (or not) and slap on some cheap after shave, maybe spray your favorite cologne and that’s it.. Lately we’ve began to pay a much more attention and take a better care of our skin. In response, the market has flooded us with 1001 choices and a bunch of complicated ingredients promising the ‘fountain of youth’. CM is different.


If you are the kind of guy seeking SIMPLE, straight forward skincare, engineered for the modern man and leveraging the most effective key ingredients, look no further than the CM Collection.  Extensive research and safety testing of key ingredients from around the world have resulted in simply the most effective men’s anti-aging line available!

CM offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

We’ve created a simple 3-step product routine (Facial Wash, Post Shave Moisturizer w/Sunscreen and Night Moisturizer w/Retinol) delivering the very best essential skin care: CM Skin Care Guide

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