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A Man's Guide and the Benefits of Skincare (How & Why it's Important)

Let’s face it folks - most of the men out there take skin care as a routine that involves washing the face and carelessly shaving it with a razor or a shaver.

However, there is more to the world of men’s skin care than most men are aware of. Thanks to the development of technology as well as the harmful effects that our environment throws on our skin, the need for proper skin care using proven products and formulas that work - is now greater than anytime before.

So, it is safe to say that while most men don’t care for their skin (as much as they need to), they should use a variety of products that ensure proper smoothness, youthfulness and healthiness of their skin.

Below, we are listing our favorite skin care products for men. Most importantly, we are discussing their unique features and showing you why they are great (or at least better than most of the men’s skin care products on the market).

Men’s Skin Care: Which Products Does Your Skin Truly Need?

In a nutshell, the most effective skin care products for men work against a series of problems such as clogged pores, irritation and other effects of shaving by removing dead cells as well as soothing the skin and keeping it well hydrated.

If you are ready to make your skin look youthful, vibrant and as healthy as possible, we recommend you to use the following products.

1. Anti-Aging Daily Men’s Face Cleanser By Chamuel Men (CM)

In a market that is full of men’s face cleansing products for expert skin care, this is among the top-rated products. The formula is manufactured to target both acne and wrinkles, resulting in a premium face cleanser which simplifies the daily skincare regimen for every face - bearded or not.

The product cleanses, detoxes and washes the face from the inside. It comes in a variety of extracts (aloe vera, rosehip oil, moon orchid, magnesium and vitamin C etc.)  which results in a formula that is easy to use and apply. It will undoubtedly leave any man’s face looking clean and feeling fresh.

When to use: The best time to apply the men’s face cleanser is during the morning - when washing the face at the start of the day. However, you can also apply the daily men’s face cleanser after work, after a hard workout and at night before bed.

2. Anti Aging Daily Aftershave For Men By Chamuel Men (CM)

Another top-rated product with hundreds of positive reviews is the Anti Aging aftershave for men by CM. The moisturizer also packs SPF to immediately soothe irritated skin, get you rid of all the red spots appearing on your face (after shaving) and replenishes the moisture, maintaining a healthy balance.

Hydrating and protecting your freshly stripped skin after shaving, this aftershave lotion is also great for all the bald-headed gents out there who are looking for a fresh aftershave that includes a SPF factor for maximum protection against exposure to sun.

When to use: This one may be a no-brainer, but we recommend to apply the Anti Aging Aftershave by CM after every shave.  It is also an excellent moisturizer and protectant for unshaven skin.

3. Men’s Anti Aging Face Cream With 2.5% Retinol By Chamuel Men (CM)

The last product that we are featuring in our list of top three skin care products for men is a face cream by CM which includes a retinol cream - known for its benefits regarding moisture and restoring hydration with a healthy dose of pH balance.

The result of using this cream is a face that combats wrinkles, sagging and other signs of aging while you sleep. Aside from hydrating the skin, this face cream detoxifies and stimulates while purging the pores to get them rid of any impurities and wrinkles.

When to use: The best results from this product is when it is applied at night right after you wash your face.

How This Mix Of Products Can Save Your Skin From Wrinkles, Red Spots And Aging

Since men’s skin is quite different compared to women’s, every man needs to seek out products that are specifically designed for their needs and skin type. In general, men should avoid any products that claim to be suitable for both sexes and stick to ones that are curated specifically for their skin.

As you already saw from the three products which we featured above, they are all formulated as men’s skin care products. Designed to deal with the excess sebum protection by removing oil effectively and fighting shine, they are also combatting the thickness of the skin by providing better absorption than women’s products.

On top of this, the three formulas reviewed above are meeting the men’s specific needs. Effective and uncomplicated, they allow you to get the results you want with a few applications.

Speaking of results, you can experience the first results after only a few weeks of using these products. And the best part?

All of them are affordable, which means that you don’t have to break the bank to invest in a healthy and youth-looking skin.

Final Words

In the end, having a perfectly shaped body, a nice torso, a set of guns that is impressive to the other gender or a flat pack of abs sometimes isn’t enough - when your face doesn’t look at its best.

As a market that is projected to top $60 billion by 2020, men’s skin care is rapidly increasing. Both younger and older men are investing in skin care, buying facial creams, aftershave lotions and cleansers that are specifically designed to combat some of the most challenging problems out there.

The goal, after all, is no to turn back time and to look fresh, vital and healthy. If you are on par with this statement, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start applying our high-quality, science-backed skin care products.

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We hope the above information helps you to take the best care of your skin and look your absolute best.  Continue to visit our blog for the best tips and advice.

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